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Growing More Alive

"Loving Aliveness" reflects the heart of my journey, blending the energy I feel in life's vibrant moments with a deeper sense of empathy and self-love. This name came to me as a reminder of what truly matters. In times like a joyful dance, I've felt alive in a way that's starkly different from my everyday life – more free and spirited, like a fire burning bright.


Yet, true aliveness for me is more than just these high-energy moments. It's also about the quieter currents of listening and understanding, the compassion I've learned to extend to myself and others. This blend of lively energy and loving care is what "Loving Aliveness" is all about.


It's at the core of my Somatic Sex Education journey. Here, we embrace our whole selves – body, emotions, spirit, and sexuality – and nurture our vibrant energy with love and care. In "Loving Aliveness," we celebrate this blend of energy and empathy, creating a life that's not just about living, but living fully and with heart.


Join me in this journey of discovery and growth, where we learn to embrace and love our true selves, making each day a vibrant and loving experience

Daniel dancing outdoors in the light rainfall expressing the joy of being alive and embodied

My Story

Welcome to my journey of "Loving Aliveness." My path to becoming a Somatic Sex Educator has really been my life journey, shaped by the dual nature of my relationship with intimacy — a blend of deep longing to explore while navigating and healing my insecurities. This dynamic tension has been both a challenge and a teacher, guiding me to connect more deeply and move at the speed of trust. 


I believe that pleasure and connection are vital nourishments often hindered by attachment wounds, societal narratives, systemic oppressions, and physical challenges. My journey through personal wounds and the quest for healing has cultivated a deep sensitivity. I aim to meet you where you are, facilitating a journey of erotic self-discovery, free from pressure and shame. 


My journey through life has been marked by distinct phases,
each shaping my path as a Somatic Sex Educator. 


In my youth, I wrestled with longing and self-doubt, yet these challenges nurtured a deep-seated curiosity about nature, travel, and spirituality. 


My mid-20s brought a long-term partnership and a 20-year marriage, rich with lessons in empathy and deep listening amidst the complexities of partnership and parenting.


During my marriage, I delved into the intellectual realms of sexuality, ethical non-monogamy, and trauma healing, igniting a desire for deeper understanding.


Post-divorce, I embarked on a journey of embodied self-discovery. Through workshops and personal healing, I courageously explored my sexuality and and my non-monogamous identity, fostering meaningful connections and facing my fears. Grateful for this period of transformation, vulnerability and erotic and intimate growth.


Now, I'm dedicated to giving back, holding space for others as they explore their own states of 'Loving Aliveness', drawing from my own journey of discovery, trust, and resilience.


Professional Background and Qualifications:


My journey as a practitioner is underpinned by a diverse and rich educational background, combined with hands-on experience in various modalities:


Academic Foundations:  With a BA in Transpersonal Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Integral Theory, I bridge spiritual and psychological insights, deepening my worldview and understanding of human consciousness.


Coaching Expertise:  Over a decade as a Certified Master Integral Coach has honed my skills in guiding personal development and cooperative leadership transformation.


Somatic Practices:  My grounding in somatic practices is extensive. It includes Somatic Experiencing, a therapeutic approach for resolving trauma, as well as a rich background in dance and movement practices, and therapeutic bodywork. These and more inform my holistic approach to understanding the body-mind connection.


Empathetic Communication:  My proficiency in Open Hearted Listening, alongside other emotionally intelligent communication techniques, ensures a deep, empathic connection in our interactions. 


Consent and Boundaries: My engagement with the Wheel of Consent, particularly through the Like a Pro training, has been a significant part of my journey, enhancing my approach to consent and boundaries in relationships.


Current Studies: I am currently in the final stages of becoming fully certified in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork. These powerful modalities for transformation complement and enrich my existing expertise.


Each element of my training shapes my comprehensive approach, fueling a deep passion for guiding others toward rediscovering pleasure, connection, and the vibrancy of 'Loving Aliveness.'



My Approach

My approach blends sex-positive coaching and education with embodied practices and bodywork in a deeply client guided way.


I draw from various modalities like movement practices, breathwork, trauma release exercises, boundary communication, consent negotiation, client directed touch, and more to help you discover and embody your desires.


Each session is an exploration of meeting you where you are and opening from there by following what’s true for you and your body. That might look like healing from old wounds or exploring your erotic edges and anywhere in-between.


I aim to hold a space where you are welcome as you are, and have permission to expand into what’s new and emerging in your relational and erotic life.

“May I have the courage today to live the life that I would love, to postpone my dream no longer, but do at last what I came here for and waste my heart on fear no more.”

- John O'Donohue, "A Morning Offering"

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